Close the books quickly with streamlined accounting financial processes

Run your accounting department leaner and deliver real-time insight with simplified financial reconciliation. Consolidate financial accounting data to create a single view of the business and generate reports faster than ever before.


Run your accounting department leaner and deliver real-time insight with accelerated financial processes. By enabling one common view of financial data, our software improves enterprise-wide consistency and helps you gain live business insights without waiting for the month-end close.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Whiz-Techfor central finance deployment option
  • Universal journal for financial and management data
  • Compliance with reporting standards, including IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and others


Solve your specific accounting and financial close needs

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Adopt finance innovation quickly and non-disruptively

Lay the foundation for next-generation finance solutions in the digital age with integrated financial accounting.

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Transform diverse data into a single source of truth

See how you can combine data and transactions from different systems and processes to create trusted financial insight.

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Gain a clear view of leases, from initiation to termination

Learn how you can gain insight into all your leasing activities and comply with new standards and regulations

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